Technology in the Elementary Classroom

Remember sitting in a classroom with your classmates, all facing the chalkboard, listening to the teacher drone on and on about the chapter you had just read? That classroom is a distant memory. Today’s classroom bares little resemblance to even the ones of a decade ago. Now you see student sitting in peer learning groups, … Read more

Simplicity or Complexity?

Oh! we are so lucky to be in an era where tasks are quickly completed. Thanks to those innovative developers who made our lives easier, we seem to be saving lot of time with these software systems or solutions. Products like Excel, Word or PowerPoint with which we are able to maintain, update or delete … Read more

BYOD: Opening Up a Dialogue Between IT and the End User

If a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme is not properly managed and implemented, then things can potentially go badly wrong for employer and employee. Employees who bring their own Smartphone or iPad to work and expect to be able to access the same apps and programmes they do on company devices may find easy … Read more

The Give and Take of BYOD and MDM

We know that allowing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has the potential to increase employees’ productivity and also keep the workforce happy as well as improve customer satisfaction and engagement with potential customers, but the whole concept of BYOD is clearly not without significant risks and managing a BYOD programme can bring its own set … Read more

How To Motivate A Development Team

One of the most important aspects that pushes work forward to success is motivation. This works as much in the world of software development. On one hand, there is internal motivation – from the company to employees. On the other hand, there is motivation that’s initiated by the software owner, the client of the company. … Read more

Help Bring Back Existing Customers

As an expert in finance, we don’t need to tell you how much you can save by ensuring that you get a steady stream of existing customers coming back to you. Obviously, all businesses need to attract new customers to continue growing – but you want to ensure that there is a contingent of returning … Read more

Consider Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

Office and commercial building cleaners are usually more cost-effective than hiring a janitor. Besides saving you money they can also offer you piece of mind. Some companies hire a janitor, which costs more money, requires a bunch of extra paperwork, not to mention other liabilities. Listed are some benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning … Read more

An Insight Into Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress printing is considered one of the oldest forms of printing cards and other such materials. These are great for those who still look for cards with a classic appeal. Needless to say, they are less costly then the plastic types. If combined with a perfect and unique design, letterpress business cards can be captivating, … Read more

Driving Proving More Stressful for Hauliers

PIE Mapping recently released results of research suggesting that hauliers in the UK are now finding driving even more stressful. The news, reported by UK Haulier, will come as no surprise to drivers carrying out back loads and regularly navigating through the country. But just what are the reasons for this? Over 70 Percent of … Read more