Driving Proving More Stressful for Hauliers

PIE Mapping recently released results of research suggesting that hauliers in the UK are now finding driving even more stressful. The news, reported by UK Haulier, will come as no surprise to drivers carrying out back loads and regularly navigating through the country. But just what are the reasons for this?


Over 70 Percent of Drivers find London More Stressful

The research was carried out by interviewing hauliers; it found that 71 percent of them said that driving in the UK capital is now more stressful compared to two years ago. It also found that more are driving in the city now, with 46 percent saying that they are driving more in London now compared to two years ago.


Permission Needed to Use Roads

Part of the reason is that permission is now needed to drive through the capital. Sometimes hauliers delivering cargo and carrying out back loads must get permission from different councils when they drive at weekends or in the evenings. These are the quietest times, so it would seem to make sense for drivers to work then, as there is less congestion. However, the research found that 70 percent of hauliers avoid driving at these times because they have to get routes approved. On top of that, 55 percent of the drivers questioned said they had paid fines for failing to get permission.

Getting Stressed while Driving?

Hauliers have a great job, but stress can sometimes be a problem. Stressful situations can arise on the road when trying to get back loads collected and delivered on time, and other factors like bad traffic can delay deliveries and be very frustrating. However, there are ways to relax, according to the experts.

Firstly, you must make time for a break. If possible, pull up somewhere and take five minutes to relax, go for a short walk, get a bite to eat, and try not to focus on whatever was making you stressed. Try to recognise the signs and if you feel yourself becoming agitated and angry, this is the time to take break.

Try not to drive when tired. Sometimes early mornings or late nights can make you weary, so again, take a break when you feel you’re losing focus. Tiredness can increase stress levels, so make sure you are well rested.

Plan your journey before setting off. Spend some time planning your journey and you can avoid problem areas and traffic jams, and this can help you to avoid stressful situations in the first place.

Don’t let other road users bother you. Some drivers can be very difficult, but as a professional, you must try and keep your cool in every situation.

Reduce Stress on the Road

Stress is not good for hauliers, and if you’re regularly delivering and picking up back loads, whether in the cities or more rural areas of the country, try to keep calm and avoid getting worked up. If you find yourself getting stressed, take a breather so that you can calm down – which will keep you and other drivers safer on the road.