An Insight Into Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress printing is considered one of the oldest forms of printing cards and other such materials. These are great for those who still look for cards with a classic appeal. Needless to say, they are less costly then the plastic types. If combined with a perfect and unique design, letterpress business cards can be captivating, and can create a long lasting impression for your business.


The Supplies

Traditionally, letterpress designs were manually used on papers that are specially designed. With the letterpress machines in place, the procedure has become more easy to create. The use of the right quality letterpress paper can make a business card stand out. In general, the paper is thicker than regular types of paper. Premium business card designs can be nicely enhanced by the addition of letterpress printing, to make them more unique. The procedure involves the use of a metal cast to which the design and business information is printed. Ink is applied onto the plate, which is then pressed onto the paper. It is important to uniformly press the machine so that the designs appear unique on all the cards.


The Designs

Presenting a high-quality business card design to potential customers can add a certain level of trust and professionalism into that first impression. The best designs, printed on papers with special finishing, can attract attention for your brand. The good news is that this type of printing does not cost you as much as plastic cards, and you can easily create hundreds of cards to be given out during a public promotional event. Accentuate the features and logo using special colors, and stick to simple colors for your business information. Undoubtedly, this can render a special place for your business in the customer’s mind.


Letterpress printing is a time consuming process. But that additional time is worth it to create classic-looking business cards that can leave a long lasting impression on both clients and customers. However, unless you are a printer yourself or have a fondness for or hobby that involves printing techniques, you will probably not be buying a letterpress machine and attempting to produce these yourself. You will want to contact a professional printing firm for this kind fo work. You should get a wooden or metallic cast created by a designer to imprint the designs on the cards. And when done by a skilled professional, these cards can look more appealing than plastic business cards.