Top 10 Reasons to Stay Single and Happy!

I once read an interesting quote that said “Being single doesn’t always mean that you are available, it simply means do not disturb.” I find it amazing that in today’s society a great deal of emphasis is placed on marriage and commitment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t agree with a lifestyle of marriage and commitment, in fact I would be a hypocrite to judge those who choose commitment or being single. However, I do disagree with the perception that someone who is single is somehow flawed or secretly desires to be in a committed relationship.


Let me come right out and say it. I LOVE BEING SINGLE! I have been single now for over 4 years and have no plans or desire to become committed anytime soon. Listed below are my top 10 reasons why I love being single. Of course I could offer at least a hundred reasons, but for now, I will stick with 10.

1). Freedom – The ability to do what you want, with whoever you want, whenever you want offers a type of freedom and flexibility not offered by the alternative. If you feel like sleeping in until 1:00pm on a Sunday, do it! Or if you feel like catching a plan to Vegas for the weekend, do it! Not having to check in our wonder how your actions will affect your significant other is a liberating experience that you must experience at least once in your adult life.


2). Dating can be fun – They say that variety is the spice of life. Being single offers you the ability to date whomever you want. You aren’t pigeon holed into a certain type of personality or the likes and dislikes of just one person. You now have the ability to step out of your box and explore a variety of interest and personalities.

3). No drama – Drama is tiring! To deal with the drama of a relationship and ride the roller coaster of its ups and downs is a ride many would like to take a pass on. Not only the personal drama of the various disagreements that spring up within your relationship, you no longer have to avoid the drama that a partner brings into your world that is not your own.

4). No more boring family and/or social functions – Once again this is about personal choice. You get to decide which social functions you attend and who goes with you. If you don’t feel like attending a particular event, you simply don’t go.

5). Housekeeping on your terms – The only one you have to answer to in regard to how clean your house is, is your own personal conscious. If you want to leave your shoes in the middle of the room, go ahead and kick one off to the left side of the room and the other to the right. You decide when they get put away. Oh yeah, that pile of towels that has been sitting next to the washer a couple days – yeah, they can wait another day.

6). Spending habits are your own business – One of the most common occurrences of fighting among couples is money. Being single completely removes this variable from your life. If you see an expensive “Insert item here” that you want – How good does it feel to simply buy it and not have to later hide the receipt?

7). Spend all your time with friends – You can spend all your time with friends and even make new ones. Your friends don’t necessarily need to be limited to a certain type either. Male, female, gay, or straight – you can associate and be friends with anyone who interest you.

8). Get to know yourself – When you are single you afford yourself the amazing luxury of discovering yourself. It’s an interesting discovery to realize that when you are not worried about someone else and what they like or don’t like – You begin to develop an appreciation for what YOU like.

It’s not just a matter of simple likes and dislikes, but it goes much deeper it to a genuine connection with you and who you are. Being single really allows for ample time to develop a connection with someone that may have been lost – that someone is you.

9). You will be prepared if you ever choose commitment – I firmly believe that a big reason that most relationships fail is because people entered into relationships that they should have never been in to begin with. Being alone is a scary thought for a lot of people, so they jump from relationship to relationship, or get married for fear of living their life alone.

By staying single longer and getting to know who you really are, you are preparing yourself in the event you ever do decide to commit. By truly knowing yourself, you will be better equipped to know the type of person you are compatible with. Additionally, it won’t be likely for you to tolerate less than you deserve from a committed relationship

10). No jealousy – Jealousy is an ugly beast on either side of the emotion. Being single completely removes that emotion from your world. If you find yourself suddenly jealous of someone in a committed relationship, quickly return and read this list again.