How To Be In A Happy Relationship – 4 Quick Tips You Can Use Today

If you have doubts about your relationship, or if it is already circling the drain, think about these 4 “secrets”. They will help you to find and maintain a happy relationship. Then put them into action in your own situation. You might suddenly start looking at your relationship in a whole new way.


1. Be Glad for What You Have Part 1

How to be in a happy relationship, you wonder? Maybe you already are, but you just don’t know it. Sit yourself down and make a list of every single thing, large and small, that your spouse does for you every day, without talking about it. And without complaining or expecting thanks.


Include even tiny things like putting the toothpaste cap back on, as well as looking after the kids while you watch The Simpsons. Or filling up your car’s gas tank, or taking out the garbage. You may suddenly realize, Hey, my spouse is really great!

2. Problems? Do This…

Problems and rough spots? Well, duhhh… every relationship has ’em. No surprise there. So be the first to make the effort to talk about them, and reconnect with your spouse. Break through the person barrier we all put up around ourselves. Be friendly. Say Hi, how did your day go?

Your spouse is supposed to be your best friend, so share your life and your world with him or her. Do things together. This makes for a more casual, easy-going atmosphere, where there is less pressure on the two of you to be perfect. Where it is easier to open up and talk things over.

3. Keep Living Your Own Dreams

Keep up your own outside interests and passions. Stay up to date in your career or favorite hobby. Do not depend totally on your spouse for your happiness and personal development. That is your responsibility. Get out more, meet people and try new things. This will make you a better, more alert and appealing person to those around you, especially your spouse.

It will also help keep the spark alive in your relationship. In a word, it prevents you from falling into a rut, and getting stuck there. Nothing in this world ever stays the same. The best relationships change and grow with time. That’s what makes them so exciting and thrilling. If all you want is a stable friendship, get a horse!

4. Be Glad for What You Have Part 2

Be satisfied with what you have, not with what you don’t have. That may sound weird. It means, you will not find contentment if you long for things you do not have. Few of us have an unlimited supply of cash. So there is always stuff we lust for but do not or cannot have. Now here is the big point: THINGS will not and cannot bring you long-term joy and happiness.

Only two people can do that. To find them, do this. First, look in a mirror. Second, really look at that person sitting across the dinner table from you. Congratulations! You found them. Now, answer me this. Are you getting your three square meals a day? Do you have a roof over your head? Yes? Then you should be thankful for what you have, while trying to better yourself, of course.