Introducing the Airports Around Geneva

There are a several airports around the Swiss capital, some of them large and others smaller serving regional destinations in and around Geneva. Airport transfers between the various terminals and airports is easy, however, and there are also hassle free ways to get from any of them to surrounding destinations, including Geneva. Airport transfers can be booked ahead, efficiently and in good time, with the best shuttle companies having easy-to-navigate, online booking systems.


To prevent confusion when planning your holiday, this article will cover the details of where you may fly into and how to navigate your way to your final destination.

The International Airport


When people mention flying into a Switzerland, they most often mean the Geneva International Airport, located just three miles from town with easy Geneva airport transfers to the centre of the city. This is a major hub for European airlines including Air France, Aer Lingus, and Virgin Atlantic. As well, there are many other airlines that connect the city to Northern Africa and the near east. This is the most convenient location to fly into, with frequent and inexpensive shuttles and local municipal buses to get to most destinations within the city.

Lyon Satolas Airport

About 70 miles from the Swiss capital is the Lyon Satolas (LYS) in the Rhone-Alpes region, placed between Paris and Marseille. This is a great choice if you want to fly in and out of the EU, or if you have destinations in France as well as Switzerland. From here you can take flights to many parts of the world, including Mexico with Aeromexico, and flights to northern Africa and around Europe with European airlines like LOT Polish Airways, Air Malta, KLM Royal Airways, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airways and several others.

Turin Citta di Torino Airport

Just over a hundred miles away is the Turin Citta di Torino Airport, in Turin, Italy – another good option if you want to fly into the EU. There are bus and train links regularly from Turin to the Swiss capital, with the bus taking about three hours and the train taking about four hours (with a connection in Chambery-Challes-E). This train runs up to five times daily, making it a great option. Here you can fly with Air Europa, Alitalia, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, Iberia Airlines and many others. This is also the closest airport to Switzerland where you can fly with Ryan Air.

Smaller Regional Ports

There are many smaller airports in the region, in both Switzerland and Italy. The closest is the Annecy-Meythe Airport (NCY) in Annecy, servicing the Alps about 20 miles away from the Swiss capital. There is also the Bern Belp (BRN), in the city of Bern about 80 miles away, which has seasonal flights to and from major European cities such as Munich, Berlin, Barcelona, Hamburg, Split, and Zadar.