Essential Europe Travel Advice

You already know the basics regarding how to book flights, purchase EU residents travel insurance (if you live there), and reserve cheaper accommodation. Maybe you need more tips that would save you money, time, or both as you set foot on this continent not any bigger than Asia but just as diverse. Here are some travel tips to maximise your enjoyment while indulging in your wanderlust.



Rail travel is not that popular in most parts of the globe but Europe is obviously an exception, and an impressive one at that considering its extensive railway system crisscrossing across the whole continent. An updated schedule showing all departure and arrival times to and from major stations is available online. Purchasing a rail pass would be a good idea but could be costly if you are only spending a few days. Most rail passes are available depending on different country combinations, as well as the number of weeks that you intent to spend travelling.


Walking Tours

Every major city in Europe would have a walking tour option available for a relatively cheaper price. Some of them even come for free! Why should you opt for a walking tour then? Europe is big on architecture, structures that have defied the test of time. While ogling them and taking a snapshot would be enough for most tourists, knowing some bits of history would help you appreciate them more by associating a story with the facade. After all, carrying a history book or a clear book full of leaflets could prove to be a hassle.

Dress Appropriately

While you would probably want to dress to impress, wearing short shorts and a sleeveless tank top in Stockholm in January or donning your favourite parka in Rome in August would be a very bad idea. Europe’s four seasons could be harsh if you do not come prepared with the proper clothing essential for you to survive. If climate is not the issue, then religion could also possibly affect your choice of clothes. Keep in mind that there are several areas where provocative clothing is not allowed, mostly in religious sites considered sacred by the locals.

English is Not Spoken Here

The only country in Europe where English is predominantly spoken would be the United Kingdom, and it is up there separated from the rest of the mainland by a body of water. Most people survive with a phrase book, and major cities would more likely host individuals who could speak conversational English, but this is not always the case. You could at least give yourself a crash course in the main European language spoken wherever it is that you are going to. You could never tell when it would come in handy in terms of reservations and ordering food.

Winter Sports

Up north would be colder climbs conducive for skiing and snowboarding. An EU residents travel insurance (if you live there) is a must to avoid unwanted hassles when it comes to related accidents.