How to Get Your Own Kickstarter Company

In the old days, if you had an idea and you wanted to mass produce an item for a company, you had to go to a bank or some other form of government funding before you could even start work as a company.


You would have to start the business off by being in debt. Therefore, not a lot of people would open their own businesses because they didn’t even know if the item would sell and they didn’t want to be stuck with a product that didn’t sell and be thousands of pounds worth of debt.

However, all of that changed with the introduction of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is crowd-funding website. So, members would put their idea on the site, tell people how much they need to make their business or idea work and then people from all over the world will donate money.


Provide a Service

The money that they donate will be because they are getting something in return. You don’t have to pay the money back, but they aren’t giving you the money for nothing.

Once they have decided to pay into the kickstarter idea, they will get something back for the value of their money. The lowest amount is usually for a t-shirt, a pack of cards or a download of a movie or song.

People then have the opportunity to choose higher donation tiers and the more money that they give, the better the return that they will get on the item. For example, if your kickstarter idea is for a movie, then on the lower tier, they will get a copy of the movie, and on the higher tier they could get to meet the cast.

That way, people get to choose what they want in return and how much money that they want to invest in your idea. People are more likely to donate to this sort of thing because they are getting something back for their money, it is not like they are giving their money away.

Card Games

Card Games are brilliant ideas for a crowdsourcing company because they could attract a lot of investors. If you look at the toy industry, or comic book industry, there are plenty of card games that people buy into. Top Trumps, Cards for Humanity, Magic the Gathering, The Walking Dead and Pokemon, are all examples of very popular card games.

The trick is to get an idea and get the idea copyrighted and on the site before someone else has the chance to make the same idea.


Before the cards are even on the site, you will have to get a sample pack printed and you will have to make a contract with a printing company for the mass production of the cards once the business is off the ground.

Therefore, you will be looking for a printing company, but it is best if you choose a company that specialises in a printing card games because they will be able to give you a quote on how much printing will cost for card games, and this quote will be more reliable.

The will also be able to give you advise on packaging, the size of the cards and the quality of the cards that you will need. If the print is low quality, then the cards will not sell and you won’t make a profit.

The right printing company will be able to give you a discount on a bulk order so that you can make maximum profits even though your prices remain competitive.