Who Are Confident Women?

Jealousy happens when your partner (specifically women) are having personality issues within. A jealous behavior is sometimes due to the fact that a person lacks self-esteem or self-confidence making her feel insecure to others behavior. Sometimes, there is nothing to worry about but because that emotion is surging deep inside, a person can’t help but blame that to another. Jealousy could be a pain in the ass when things start to escalate. As every time the issue becomes more and more tackled, the more self-confidence is lost.


So how do you avoid being in a relationship that is full of stress with jealousy? As a man, learn to find women who are confident enough in their own lives. Confident women are those who are able to stand up for themselves, waiting no one for their decisions to be made. Though there could be a lot of advantages if you are dating a confident woman, disadvantages are quite a number too. But then, where can you find in life where the cons don’t exist, right? So just stick to who or which is less likely to give you a headache.

As I have said confident women are less likely to feel jealousy in relationships because they have no issues of insecurity. They believe in theirselves on what they can do and what they can’t do. If they feel it wouldn’t work for them, they see to it that their relationships come to a good end. They are not afraid to fail and get hurt. They find balance making it sure they don’t drain away their emotions and happiness to something useless.


Here are some tips for you to say that a woman you are dating is a confident one:

1. She has poise. Look for women who know how to handle themselves from appearance to personality. It doesn’t mean they have to be in stilettos for you to say they are confident. They may be wearing slippers but still they walk with grace, dress for appropriate occasions and talk with no fear of making a mistake.

2. She knows her obligations. As you date women, you would know they are confident when they responsively talk on how to take responsibility on their own life. They know what to do for tomorrow and the next week and they enjoy doing it.

3. She has priorities. You would know you are talking to the right woman when she tells you her priorities. If she tells you her topmost priority as of the moment is to be stable financially, to find a partner who understands her and to find happiness for her own satisfaction, then she is a confident one. She trusts on what she can do and she is making everything put into place for assurance.

Self-doubt is a killer to one’s life especially when you haven’t found yourself yet. Most women struggle about this and find it very hard to get through it. Jealous women most of all encounter self-doubt in between their relationships making them less confident in showing love and affection.